It’s Hard to Have Much Sympathy for a Rodent in Paradise

It’s Hard to Have Much Sympathy for a Rodent in Paradise

It’s Hard to Have Much Sympathy for a Rodent in Paradise

It’s not always easy to have sympathy for the pests trying to sneak into our homes. But in most areas of the world one can at least understand the motivation. After all, consider just how cold the average winter is in New York or Michigan. We might not like it when a rat sneaks into our home to escape from the cold. But we can at least understand why it’d need to. It’s quite often a literal life and death situation for any mammals stuck out in the freezing cold.

But it’s equally safe to say that any tiny bit of sympathy will drain away when looking at more hospitable climates. Hawaii is perhaps the absolute best example. It’s quite literally a tropical paradise. The natural surroundings offer a wide variety of delicious foods. The weather might get a little hot on occasion. But it’s nothing a little shade can’t fix. Water is plentiful and there’s no need to worry about those freezing winters. In short, it’s a paradise for humans and mice alike.

Which is why people are often much less sympathetic when they find mice, rats or other vermin in their homes. A life and death situation are understandable. But in an area like Honolulu the pests invade homes for little reason other than they like our food more. And to be sure, if offered a chance to nibble on a box of sugary cereal or tree bark most of us know what we’d choose. And it’s understandable that a mouse would prefer leftovers from our carefully prepared dishes when the alternative is grass. But it’s still a matter of animals putting our families at risk for no reason other than the fact that they want tastier food.

And saying that we’re at risk from these pests isn’t hyperbole. Rodents can carry a wide variety of diseases. In fact, a recent study in New York even found all new strains of human transferable diseases on rodents. It’s quite probable that the situation will be mirrored anywhere else rodents and humans live side by side. And one can expect rodents with specialized niches, like the Hawaii or Polynesian rat, to have more specialized variations on this them.

There are ways around the problem though. One of the most obvious in relation to the earlier mention of Honolulu would be something like rodent control honolulu. Calling in pest control services after noticing an infestation is the best and often only effective option. It’s just too much of a challenge for one to attempt on his or her own.

At the same time though, it’s up to the homeowner to notice a problem in the first place. This is often easier said than done. But if one keeps an eye out for red flags than it’s often easier to deal with the problem. For example, small holes in cereal boxes or droppings in the pantry are a sure sign of trouble. If one can catch those signs early on it usually makes removal considerably easier in the long run.

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