Outdoor Television- A Must-Have Home Upgrade for Tech-Savvy Homeowners!

Outdoor Television- A Must-Have Home Upgrade for Tech-Savvy Homeowners!

Nowadays, home upgrades have become a norm, and many homeowners invest in different projects to enhance the look and appeal of their homes. Examples of common upgrades include painting, updating lighting fixtures, furniture upgrades, bathroom&kitchen remodels, and more. Sadly most people neglect their exteriors to focus on their interiors. If you’re such a homeowner, this is your time to shine.

One of the trendy in home upgrades is outdoor entertainment. Installing an outdoor Tv in your home will raise its value and keep your guests entertained. Perhaps you’ve never thought of this, but guess what? It works. You can install the device on the patio, porche, verandas, and any other suitable spot. 

Why consider an outdoor TV setup during home upgrades?

1. Great outdoor space

 Most people love spending time indoors. But any health professional will tell you that spending time outdoors comes with numerous benefits. It’s a chance to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, which is an excellent source of vitamin D. Well, with an outdoor weatherproof tv mounted on your wall, you can pull a chair and enjoy the beautiful outdoor space any time. You can easily transform your patio or home garden into an inviting living space without worrying about harsh weather elements.

2. You can do much more!

 An outdoor Tv doesn’t mean that you lazy around the TV the entire day. You can do more; for instance, you can host a party outdoors, tend to your backyard or swim as you enjoy a great outdoor experience. Also, if you love cooking or grilling outdoors, an outdoor TV makes a great companion. Your possibilities are endless, and you can do a lot to improve your outdoor entertainment experience. 

3. Endless options& flexibility

 Outdoor Tvs come in different models and sizes, and you can get the most suitable match for your needs. They come with distinct features to enhance your experience. For instance, these devices are weatherproof to protect the internal components against damage. The projectors are anti-reflective and scratch-resistant, thanks to the coating outside the screen.

 What’s more, outdoor Tvs are screenless, and the image quality isn’t compromised by harsh weather or other outdoor elements. The good thing about these projectors is that they offer lots of flexibility and are ideal for outdoor and indoor viewing.

4. Easy setup

Outdoor Tvs are easy to install, and you don’t have to spend much on the task. You’ll get different mounts in the market to allow hassle-free connectivity. These mounts can support bulky Tv sets and allow you to mount your device on any desired spot. Whether you fancy movies or streaming shows online, you can achieve this and more with an outdoor screen.

 What should I consider before installing an outdoor TV?

An outdoor Tv is an excellent addition to any modern home. It’s a wise idea for any homeowner wishing to upgrade their home and enhance outdoor entertainment. There are various things to consider before installing the device, though! These may include;


 Location is a critical consideration for anyone wishing to install an outdoor TV set. Some questions to ask yourself include;

  • Will the Tv set receive lots of direct light? 
  • Is the chosen place near a pool where you expect constant water splashes?
  •  Do you want your Tv set to be visible at different angles?
  • Is the place too close to a heat source like a fireplace?

These questions should assist you in choosing an ideal spot for your TV set. Even though you’ll acquire a heat-resistant and weatherproof tv, it’s advisable to avoid such elements to prolong the device’s lifespan. Therefore, place your set away from lots of direct heat and some distance from the fireplace.

Existing enclosure 

While you can have your Tv set exposed throughout the years, this isn’t wise. Do you have a cabinet enclosure to place your Tv? A cabinet will protect your device against harsh weather elements. It’ll also seal the seams to prevent moisture from infiltrating your TV. This will ensure a perfect shield and enhance the durability of your set. Also, placing your TV in a cabinet minimizes the risk of theft or vandalism.

Think of the mounting area

 Do you want to mount your Tv on an existing wall, ceiling, or post? An existing wall is an ideal location and offers a sturdy attachment surface. It’s a cost-effective option since you don’t have to invest in a pole or build an additional structure. 

You may also want to install your set on the ceiling. This is common in restaurants and outdoor patio spaces with a covered ceiling. Again, the ceiling mounting option mounts the Tv high in the air and allows viewing by many people. Similarly, post mounting allows you to place your device where you wish. You’re not limited by an existing wall, fence, or structure and can choose the most relevant post for your needs. 

Should I go for a wireless or wired TV cable set up?

There are two options for outdoor Tvs, and Furrion offers a wide variety. You can choose wireless or wired installations, and all have pros and cons. Wired installations are pretty common and reliable for your outdoor TV. You don’t have to make it look cumbersome, though! The cable box is small, and you can slip it behind your set to achieve that stunning look without bulky components and cabling.

  To install a wired outdoor TV, contact an experienced technician and protect the cables from weather elements using a conduit or pipe. Otherwise, the cables will break easily. On the other hand, a wireless Tv setup is easier to install and less involving but maybe a bit more costly than the wired Tv set.

In summary, fitting an outdoor Tv is a great way to upgrade your home. Coupled with a fresh coat of paint on your home exteriors, this will remodel your home to that stunning look. That said, acquire a high-quality Tv from a legitimate vendor and choose a suitable mounting space. This way, you’ll enjoy a more beautiful space, raise the value of your home and enjoy great moments with family and loved ones.

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