Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

Modern small kitchen ideas make the most of light tones to create a cozy atmosphere. Gray handle-free cabinets meet tons of white backsplash, and a kitchen island with white quartz countertops and wooden legs resembles a dining table. Warm touches are added with beige wooden floors. Barstools can be placed under the table to create more walkable floor space, and pendant lights are hung above the table to emphasize the useful kitchen island.

Color palette

If you want a modern and fresh look for a small kitchen, you can start by choosing a color palette. While pastels like lemon yellow, lavender, and lemon green may be your first instinct, there are also some great colors that work well in small spaces. Light blue is an excellent color choice because it gives the impression of openness and the sky. Try combining it with black and white to create an open and airy atmosphere.


A well-planned small kitchen layout will make the most of the space available. It’s important to choose the layout of your kitchen before considering colours, cabinet styles, and furniture.

Storage cabinets

Smart storage ideas make even a small kitchen feel more spacious. You can use storage cabinets and counter space to hold smaller appliances and items like sponges and knickknacks. There are numerous ways to use storage cabinets, and some ideas are even inexpensive.

Floor-to-ceiling storage

Floor-to-ceiling storage is a great way to maximize storage space in small kitchens. It saves space by extending cabinetry to the … READ MORE >>>