Your Home is Your Safe Place

We have a big party in our yard every year when it starts to get warm. We have people from our family and group of friends that come to our house and eat and drink in our yard with us. We always have a lot of food and we usually run out of drinks because everyone is having a great time until the early morning hours. We started to talk about irvine shutters last week at this year’s party because there were a lot of weird weather things happening in our area of the country. Located on the Pacific Coast of the United States usually means that we have nice weather most of the year being in California. Lately, we have had really dry weather and it has caused some of the worst fires that we have seen in many years. I cannot believe the fires that took out a lot of mansions of wealthy people, it was very sad to see the historic houses go up into flames as we drove around the area.

My friends were telling me that they were going to invest in some of the new upgrades that were available for our homes. I was looking into getting new shutters for the windows that face the water. Our home is a good distance in from the water, but I am afraid with the next bad storm that our windows could get blown out. We have had a lot of winds lately, and they have been shaking the windows that face the ocean. I feel like if there is even a higher gust of wind, even by a little bit, than the last storm than that will be the end of some of our older windows. I feel like the shutters will be able to provide us with some relief.

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