Reasons Why Mini Portable USB Fan Are Beneficial

Reasons Why Mini Portable USB Fan Are Beneficial

Houses that are in coastal areas, indeed generally feel hot. But, you can minimize that heat, even make the house feel cool even without air conditioning. Near to the sea, the hotter the temperature on the plain. This condition because of the influence of atmospheric pressure on the earth, where the lower a place, the higher the temperature. Also, coastal areas generally rarely have large trees that can make a shade of the surrounding area. These things then make the house there feel hotter than in other regions. But quiet, the heat felt inside this house can be minimized. You can also make the house feel cool even without the help of an air conditioner (AC).

To make the house feel cool without air conditioning, there are a few things you should do and apply at home.

First, you should use a special paint color. This particular color is a color that has cool shades, such as light blue, green, white, or brown. These colors will cool the eyes to make the mind suggested to feel colder. Keep in mind, the color of this applied wall paint can affect many things. Starting from the psychological occupants of the house to the nuances of the residence itself.

The second thing that residents also have to do to make the house feel cool without air conditioning is to fill the yard with trees. Because as explained earlier, coastal areas such as some beaches in Jakarta generally rarely have large trees. So to make the house feel shadier, it needs to be added to the surrounding trees. The trees, especially the shady ones, will make the atmosphere of the house cooler. If there is not enough land or enough land to plant trees, use the technique of planting with pots. Gardening with hanging plants can also be an effective alternative to brewing and air conditioning in addition to air conditioning.

Third, complete the residence with sunlight filters such as curtains and the like. Remember, the main source of heat during the day is sunlight. Therefore, install curtains to block or at least filter the heat of the sunlight entering the house. But remember, don’t use curtains that are too thick to make the house dark and feel stuffy.

The fourth thing that can be done to make a house near the beach in Jakarta feel cool without air conditioning is to open the ventilation as wide as possible in the morning and evening. Let the cold air of the night and the cool morning dew, enter in place of the air stuffy in the house. Air circulation like this will make the house feel cooler and fresher. But remember, do this while you’re still awake. Because otherwise, mosquitoes or even foreigners can enter the house.

Next, replace the asbestos or zinc roof you use with a tile made of clay. Roof tiles like this absorb less sun heat when compared to other types of roof coverings. As a result, by using this tile, the air in the house will feel cooler. While to make it cooler, turn off unnecessary or disused heat sources. This heat source can be electronic goods, lamps, stoves, or other objects that generate heat.

Finally, use a USB fan to make the house feel cool without air conditioning. It doesn’t matter if your home is on the coast or near the beach. Because, besides practical, using a USB fan in the house can make the air cooler. This refers to the effect of air circulation on space, With the help of a USB fan, then you will not feel every and feel comfortable in the heat though. As technology progressed, the fan was developed and began to be manufactured in Europe. One of the conventional fan products is the USB fan portable. Let’s see why you should use this mini fan.

Benefits of Using a USB fan

Avoiding Stuffy Smells

When you enter a closed room, you will feel the air. No wonder if some closed room already deposed with ac. However, if you don’t want air conditioning you can use a USB fan so that the indoor air is not stuffy. Even if you use air conditioning, the indoor air will still feel stuffy due to the absence of incoming air circulation. While using a USB fan, the air will feel fresher and more comfortable.

Save More

A fan mounted in the sky will typically require about 75 watts of power. However, if you use a usb fan, you only need to spend three wats to turn it on.

Producing Healthy Air

Although it only has an instant cold effect, using a USB fan is much more practical than using a fan or air conditioning. You can use a USB fan whenever and wherever you want.

Easy to Take Anywhere

For those of you who do not feel at home with the hot air temperature, you can bring a usb fan from vankool to overcome the excitement. This fan has a small design and is easy to carry wherever you go. You can also take it when you’re on recreation with your family or you can use it when you’re out of power. You will not feel sore on your hands when using this fan.

Just turn on the button in the portable mini fan, and you can feel the fresh sensation produced. The fan also has a very lightweight and enough to be included in the bag. If you want to bring this fan, then do not forget to bring a charger so that it can charge at any time. Always make sure that your mini fan has a full battery so it won’t turn off when in use. For more detail, you can see this video :

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