Tips For Using Modern Home Decor

Tips For Using Modern Home Decor

Modern home decor will help your room to feel fresh and new; no matter how old it is. It also a fun style to it without being too cluttered. This is the perfect design style for couples who are having trouble compromising on design styles. He can get the uncluttered look that he loves and she can still get a bold room that is trendy. Here are a few tips for bringing in modern home decor on a budget.

Experiment with your artwork. You can just hang a bunch of interesting placemats or wood pieces on the wall. Modern art changed the design world so it’s an integral part of this decorating style. You could even just make graphic black and white pictures or try twisting metal pieces into sculpture. This allows you to become an artist and custom make a piece for your room for the exact look that you want.

Use a bold pattern. It doesn’t take a lot of patterns to make an impact but it’s important in an all-white room. You should focus on geometric prints in circles or squares. You can even get away with a zebra print if you want the room to pop. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make a big impact in your room. A black and white oversized damask print can also become contemporary if the scale is right so it’s not traditional.

Change out your chairs. This works for both the dining room and the living room. You might not be able to purchase an entire dining room set. Your table might still be perfectly functional or have sentimental value to it. Instead, just change out your chairs. Find more modern parson’s chairs. The straight lines can transform the look of your room while the fabric adds softness. In the living room add seating with one funky pattern.

Decorate with plants. Sure, traditionally you’d decorate with floral prints, but this isn’t the case in this design style. Instead, you want to bring in real plant life and natural materials instead of faux floral arrangements. You can use stalks of bamboo on your furniture or go with bamboo floors. Then you can add color to the room with potted wheatgrass or lend a feminine touch with a potted orchid. The plants should be true to the modern style with clean lines and bold colors.

Modern home decor is subtle and bold at the same time. It helps to create a minimalist appearance without being boring. This design style allows you to redecorate in an afternoon using what you already have mixed in with a few new items.

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