Smart Home Concept Know Before Investing

Smart Home Concept Know Before Investing

The concept of smart home is currently being developed in Indonesia. A number of houses to apartments have begun to apply this concept a lot. The goal is of course to attract consumers who really like innovation. Like modern society which is very dependent on technology and needs it to support various activities.

With a smart home, anyone and anywhere can get comfort and safety at home. You can simply use certain applications on your gadget.

There are applications that function to turn on and turn off lights, television and much more. Like a remote control, you can control a lot of things in the house without needing to move a lot or make direct contact.

The variety of smart home applications is also increasingly diverse. You just choose which one is more needed for the house. But before implementing various smart home applications, it’s a good idea to get to know the features first. The goal is of course for ease, accuracy and effectiveness of use.

In addition, the price of houses with the smart home concept tends to be higher. The tools used are still expensive and only some people use them. So if you are interested in having a smart home for investment, try to get to know some of the most common features below.


Currently, the risk of theft is very minimal in smart homes. Access in and out of the house or room is very private and difficult to penetrate. For example, sophisticated doors that use fingerprints, cards or codes to get in and out.

When there are guests, you can know their faces or interact before opening the door. If a guest is suspicious, you can contact the authorities immediately from the device installed on the smart home.


The majority of features in smart homes do offer comfort to residents. A number of property developers who use this concept provide super sophisticated entertainment. For example, a virtual game in a house that uses modern glasses to play in three dimensions. You can play the game more real and give your own satisfaction.

Reminder Alarm

Smart home can be an assistant that streamlines and helps your activities. Especially for reminder alarms when you have important agenda items. This feature is very useful for forgetful individuals. For example, using an LED screen or touch screen known as a smart mirror. A smart mirror that is connected to the gadget can display your important agenda.

Integrated control

Electricity, air conditioning, television and all electronic products can be controlled with just one gadget. So, you don’t need a lot of remote, effort and time to control everything at home.

Smart homes are also said to carry energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly. Smart home is equipped with good water management features.

Besides drawing water from the ground, there is a rainwater storage system. Then with the Reverse Osmosis System technology, the water can be drunk immediately. The majority of smart homes also utilize solar power and minimize electricity use by up to 20 percent.

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