Fix Drywall with This DIY Guide

Drywall patching is a quick and easy job you can do yourself. Whether it’s an accidental hole in the wall or a more serious problem with water damage, patching drywall is a simple DIY project that will help you restore your home to its former glory. There are several different ways to repair drywall; depending on the size, location and type of damage we can use all types of materials including joint compound (mud), spackle and tape with paper backing. This article will go through each step in detail so that you know exactly how to repair drywall like a pro!

Drywall patches are easy to make if you have the right tools, materials and know-how.

To make a successful drywall patch, you’ll need:

  • Drywall compound (aka joint compound). This is the material that fills the space between layers of drywall. You can get it at any hardware store or home improvement store.
  • A taping knife, which is a long flat tool with a handle at one end and a curved blade on the other end. It’s used to spread out the joint compound as evenly as possible over large areas without making too many mistakes!
  • Sandpaper in various grits (coarse, medium and fine) so you can smooth out any rough spots after your first coat dries up completely before applying another layer of joint compound over top those areas where there might still be some bumps left behind by sanding down too much earlier on while trying not miss